First off let me say that I think Yelp is one of the worst sites on the net. Many of the reviews come from ex-employees with an ax to grind or the local competition, etc. This certainly is the case with us. Yelp refuses to deal with this even when we can prove it. They’re shameful! During these discussions they try to sell you advertising on their site! Find out the truth here; Notice that businesses that buy advertising have many very good reviews. Many lawsuits have been and continue to be brought against this site. Many of these suits are for extortion. I hope people can see through the obviously bogus “reviews” on this site. Notice a bunch of our positive reviews are at the bottom of the list or have been “filtered”. Bet if I had rolled over for their advertising pitch, this would not be the case. Yelp is no better than a bunch of mafia scum beating up honest folks for protection money. If I comment about you or your employer, rest assured, I will do it face to face. I will introduce myself stating my full name while I hand you a business card with all my personal information.


We are not a big multi-location corporate behemoth. It’s just me and the wife. We make beer, a few sandwiches, and a lot of good friends. You don’t have to go through 14 levels of management to get anything done here. All you have to do is ask for Ken or Bennett. We’re almost always right behind the bar. We are craft brewers. We are not Stepford waiters/waitresses serving macro-swill with fake smiles. When we tell you how much we appreciate your business, it’s from the heart, not a training film. When we make mistakes, we do our best to correct them. We treat every day as another opportunity to be better at our craft. We are human beings, not doormats. We are cordial to everyone, until they act like jerks. If you want to act like a jerk, we will probably treat you like one. Jerks don’t do well at Fearless.  But people looking for a relaxed, welcoming, “jerk-free” environment will most likely enjoy their visit to Fearless very much. Past all this, I welcome my guests’ opinions, the good and the bad, especially from those with enough character to provide a name and a face.  I look forward to your next visit.


Jonnie N , E-Lizzie M.–

Turns out this is another former employee. She is a very troubled woman whose life is not going well. Not our fault. She brags about her education and being a lawyer, but nobody will hire her for a legal position. So much more devastation and not enough bandwidth to relate it here! Her life is a mess. We tried to help. We will still hope the best for her. An employer can only do so much for people.


Larry W / Bethany L

Same person as Jonnie N. Seriously, “Larry” says they are from Camas Washington. Joins and does 2 reviews on the same day in Estacada? Bethany claims to be from Kent, Or. Does 10 reviews in one day, 2 are of overnight stays in Fossil, Or. Not 20 miles from Kent. She does 6 reviews in Estacada. All of this from both of these people just happens to be the same day that the person we suspect has a meltdown and quits. Does anybody fall for this BS? This site is a refuge for crackpots.



The lady that served “Izzy” was my business partner and my wife. Izzy didn’t try the beer because Izzy and company were showing many visible signs of intoxication as outlined by the OLCC. This makes it impossible to serve such customers without jeopardizing our license to serve alcohol. Sorry to ruin your day Izzy. Your party isn’t worth my life savings and the livelihood of our 8 employees. You could’ve voiced your discontent at the time. You didn’t. You could have contacted be personally later. You could have just been an adult and admitted the truth that you were too drunk or ?? and we did the only thing we could do by state law. You decided to be a jerk. We have later found out that Izzy may be an employee of a local business in competition with us.



Rick R

Yes, we remember you! You’re just an ass. You and crew acted like a bunch of monkeys, screeching and hoping around throwing your own crap at each other. That’s fine behavior for the zoo or a couple other establishments in town. But, not here! Fearless is a family oriented brewpub. You got scowled at because your loud cursing was negatively impacting our other customers and their children. I like to cut loose as much as the next fella, but come on Rick. Time and place! Next time you’re in Estacada, please go some other place.



Dan B

The Lady you disparaged is my business partner and my wife. Your sandwiches would’ve been perfect if you hadn’t decided to disappear outside so nobody could find you. Play fair Dan. Wish I knew where you and your wife worked.  I would give you a taste of your own childish boorish medicine! We have later found out that Dan is a homebrewer whose ass I used to kick in amateur brewing competitions before I became a professional brewer.



James R.

Former employee James Rogers. Would love to tell you all about why we fired Mr. Rogers. But, as an employer, we can’t tell. That would expose us to a lawsuit. Wish that went both ways.



Amy H.

Amy is an employee at another hospitality company in town (easy to figure out from her review). Yea, we all laugh out loud at anyone who orders Coors Light in a brewpub. This ritual was started and is perpetuated by our regular customers. I guess I could stop this but I confess that I enjoy it too. Do you go into Baskin Robins and try to order Blue Bunny vanilla? That would be just as inappropriate. The “well loved man” she referred to crashed a private party. My wife tried to be cordial to him given the circumstance and was violently insulted for it by this “well loved man”! If the wife hadn’t asked him to leave I would have tossed his wrinkled butt out myself. He got off lucky! Two year olds are minors. In Oregon, minors are allowed in brewpubs like ours “for the purpose of eating”. That is state law. And when adults come in to use the free pool table and leave minors who are not eating unattended, that is against state law. Sorry, write your state senator.